Description: A lot of teens these days would want to have the iPhone 7, the problem is it is too expensive especially for students who don’t have income. A teenager girl is currently gone viral on social media because she offer intercourse/prostitution for an iPhone 7. Luzviminda Pantaleon posted a pictures in social media of a teenager girl who flirt with her husband. According to her this teenager named Isiah Victoria add her husband as a friend in social media and after her husband accepted the request, the teenager immediately chat her husband. "Thinking that she hit the jackpot for an iPhone 7, she flirts with my husband who rode along her scheme to make her think that she was one step ahead of him, when in reality he was 10 steps ahead", says Luzviminda. Fherdie is the name of Luzviminda's husband who keep replying to the messages of Isiah Victoria to know what she really wants. The teenager asking him if he have a car and a condo and saying she want to meet him even Fherdie says he have a wife. In the end the teenager asks for a cell phone for their communication because she had no cell phone. But the worst part is she demand an iphone7 and offer Fherdie an intercourse, she also send some of her private part.
Tags: Isiah,Victoria,Scandal,PINAY,WALKER,SHING13,sarap,asian,sex,sexmate,nude,horny,malibog,gobilamers,palibogs,iyotstube,kantotpamore,libogtube,ass,hardfucked
Added Date: 2017-01-05

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